Roy Rogers featured in The Alternate Root JUNE 10, 2015

Roy Rogers   (from the album Into the Wild Blue) - Timing and talent came together well for Roy Rogers. He was playing rock’n’roll covers as a thirteen year old in Redding, California, discovering and developing slide guitar skills that took him down to San Francisco in the 1960 and 1970 Blues scene, playing and a developing a friendship with Bay Area Boom Boom Room owner John Lee Hooker, and moving on to solo work as well touring with the Delta Rhythm Kings. Roy Rogers stays the course as he advises “Got to Believe” navigating through a hazy waterfront Blues fog. On his recent release, Into the Wild Blue, Roy unpacks his slide guitar to move into the curves of “Last Go Round”, checks into the Queens Motel with a raunchy rhythm in “She's A Real Jaguar”, and picks up feet along with the beat to go “High Steppin’”. Into the Wild Blue spreads Roy Rogers across a sky full of Blues as he jazzes up to teach “Love is History” and offers sage wisdom from a Blues masters as he shakes, rattles and rolls a message to the people of the world in “Don’t You Let Them Win”.

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