Roy Rogers July News 2014

Hello Fans, Friends and Family Across the Globe!

Roy Rogers & DRK's summer performances continue including stops at the Vancouver Island Music Festival, Edmonton Music Festival, The Triple Door in Seattle, Winthrop Blues Festival and an unusual stop at  Uncle Sam's in Spanway, all in Washington State - as well as hopping out to the Madison Indiana Ribberfest!  You won't want to miss these electric performances.  And of course don't forget to bring your dancin' shoes!

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"Roy Rogers is't a blues purist, just a spirit sent here to define the ancient language of the Mississippi Delta and forge a modern link to rock and roll" - Houston Chronicle 

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Happy July 4th and have a safe and wonderful holiday!  Hope to see you soon!

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Roy Rogers June Update!

Thanks to all of our fans who made it to New Orleans Jazz Festival and Memphis in May - WOW!

Five standing ovations in the Blues Tent in New Orleans and packed to the gills.  "(One fan says Who Cares about Bruce Springsteen when Roy Rogers is in town?") 

Look at the summer dates, share with your friends and we will be updating the site as we go along.


Jazz Fest Focus - Roy Rogers
Slide-guitar wizard Roy Rogers has racked up a great history of Jazz Fest performances over the years and should add to that list in his set at this year’s event. [Read More...]
Roy Rogers May Update!

WOW - what a great New Orleans Jazz Festival & Memphis in May - five standing ovations in the Blues Tent during the set in New Orleans and some very amazing comments - including this one from new fans in Detroit!

"My husband and I were blown away by your performance with the Delta Rhythm Kings and Carlos Reyes.  Your duets soared, and yours was our favorite performance in two days at Jazz Fest, New Orleans. I'm not a professional musician or promoter, but am your new biggest fan (from a family of musicians)"  L. M from Detroit

For those of you who have not glanced at the calendar lately - check out the date at the King Biscuit Blues Festival (another great one!) on October 9th where Sonny Landreth will be joining RR & DRK for the first time as a special guest - should be a fun one!

Thank you - we have the most wonderful fans - and new ones discovering RR & DRK all the time!

Roy Rogers' Headed for New Orleans Jazz Festival and Memphis in May!

          "Who cares about Springsteen when Roy Rogers is in town!  See you in New Orleans."
                                             All the best Jumpin Geoff, London

Hope to see throngs of our fans in NOLA and Memphis - it's been a long time!

We are head to head at the same set time with Bruce Springsteen at Jazz Fest - but one London fan put it nicely who is coming across the pond!  :) 

(Set is 4:15 PM Saturday May 3rd at NO Jazz Fest in the Blues Tent! ) and ( Sunday May 4th at

7:15 PM at Memphis in May!)


Roy Rogers April Update

Back from a rigourous and fantastic tour of France. Resting up for the upcoming shows at the Club Fox in Redwood City on April 19th - a rare visit to the South Bay for RR & DRK - and then on to the South East for a two date festival run - New Orleans Jazz Fest May 3rd at 4:15 pm in the Blues tent and then a Memphis in May set on May 5th - please check their site for times - should be big fun!

Happy Spring and keep those dancing shoes on !!  :)  

Roy Rogers Starts Spring in France!

"That's not a slide on Roy Rogers' pinky, it's a time machine.  With it Rogers transports you to the Mississippi's past and future...." ~   Guitar Player

Look at your crystal ball and world wide globe and see if RR & DRK are in your future!  :)

Spring is around the corner, and we are sure all of you on the East Coast of the U.S. are more than ready for it.  You've all taken a beating this winter.  Not so here in Northern California where the daffodils are popping up, the dogwoods in bloom and the temperatures are mild!

The band is looking forward to their French tour starting next week where they will start at Billy Bob's at Disney / Paris (20th) and continue up to Abbeville to a festival at the Theatre Municipal (23rd) .  They are playing festivals, chateaux, and clubs  - so look carefully to the show listings for all information.  We know some of you are flying in from other countries to see Roy in France - so we have updated as much information as possible on the 'Tour Dates' tab on the site.

After that it will be a bit of rest before RR & DRK hit The Little Fox in Redwood City, CA.  on April 19th and then gearing up for New Orleans Jazz Festival May 3rd and Memphis in May on May 4th.  A busy year hopping the globe - so far in France, U.S., Canada, Norway and Australia already on the books. 

Keep rockin' and rollin' and as always, thanks for supporting live music! 

Check the site often for show updates.   Happy Spring!  

Roy Rogers & DRK performing at Memphis in May International Festival May 4, 2014!!

Details about the festival including tickets can be found at: 

Roy Rogers Valentine Update!

Hey Hey!

Thanks for all of you who came out last week-end - the places were FULL of swinging dancers and screamers!   So fun !  That was a wild one at the Powerhouse in  Folsom - who knew?  :)

Hope you all in Northen California enjoyed this last big storm - we needed the precip SO badly and we hope a lot more comes our way.  The drought is a big concern in California and we are hoping for a good drench this coming Spring!  But we've had little winter and the flowers and trees are very confused!

This week-end don't miss RR & DRK w/ Special Guest Carlos Reyes at Yoshi's Oakland - a rare East Bay Sunday night show.  Please check the website often - new dates added each week and calendar is filling up for the year.  The boys are hopping as usual.  We are so fortunate to have so many loyal fans all over the U.S. , Canada and the globe!  Your support of live music is essential. 

Happy Valentines to All our Fans, Friends and Extended Family 

Hug the ones you love.....- :)  XXOO

Roy Rogers Update!

Hey Hey!  Roy's been in the studio last week with Brazillian vocalist and amazing guitarist Badi Assad, and the fantastic Carlos Reyes (violin, stringed harp) - working on a new project....more on this later.  Exciting!  Tease....tease.... 

RR & DRK at The Black Oak Casino in Tuolomne, Ca this Saturday 8th - always fun out there.....and a rare afternoon show in Folsom - 9th - at The Powerhouse this Sunday.  Dancing shoes required!  :)

This Thursday, Roy will be doing a Specail Radio Show on KVRM at 8 PM PST - on stories, travels and recordings with John Lee Hooker - with host Jerri Anne VanDyke.  Don't miss it - and please contribute to these RARE local community stations that support Roots, Americana, Blues, Jazz - a mix of genres so important to American musical history.  (Roy majored in get ready....)

So many travels, too little time - but watch for the newsletter for more great news, travels and stories from the road.   It's going to be a fantastic year......   ~  The Slide Zone Family