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It has been five years since Roy Rogers’ last solo recording and soon comes the release of ‘Into the Wild Blue’! An exhilarating collection of all-new songs which covers - as usual for him - a wealth of musical genres, all linked by his masterful guitar chops. The music shifts easily between Roy's musical moods, from roots to ballads to funky, creating a palette of sound that will appeal across the board. Songwriting takes center stage on this recording, which also includes four instrumental tracks…stay tuned!

Into the Wild Blue

“Sounds the way good bourbon tastes,
smooth and with a kick.”
— Spin

From the new Roy Rogers television show on the PBS series Music Gone Public

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"Rogers is both a sensational and a sensitive blues guitarist - certainly among the finest slide guitarists playing today. His wailing slide guitar sound (and churning rhythms, when needed) mark him and his work as of the highest caliber."

- San Francisco Chronicle

"Rogers is an exceptionally articulate slide guitarist, whether he's scorching Robert Johnson's 'Ramblin' Blues' or taking a lovely, lyrical journey... or rockin' it out. One of the rare guitar heroes who values feeling over flash."

- Rolling Stone