summer 2015  

Check your local PBS station listings for the Music Gone Public series featuring Roy Rogers' episode. Show airs summer of 2015 on select PBS channels across the nation! Check the latest issue of Guitar Player magazine for a special feature on Roy! Roy Rogers’ first solo recording in five years is available now, Into the Wild Blue! Available in our store and on iTunes & Amazon. Check out the latest video from Roy! 
"This is the album of a lifetime, the distillation of everything that has made Roy Rogers such an important blues artist over the years. The slide work is superb and the band rocks with white hot intensity. A masterpiece"
John Swenson / Stereophile

Into the Wild Blue

“Sounds the way good bourbon tastes,
smooth and with a kick.”
— Spin

From the new Roy Rogers television show on the PBS series Music Gone Public

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"Rogers is both a sensational and a sensitive blues guitarist - certainly among the finest slide guitarists playing today. His wailing slide guitar sound (and churning rhythms, when needed) mark him and his work as of the highest caliber."

- San Francisco Chronicle

"Rogers is an exceptionally articulate slide guitarist, whether he's scorching Robert Johnson's 'Ramblin' Blues' or taking a lovely, lyrical journey... or rockin' it out. One of the rare guitar heroes who values feeling over flash."

- Rolling Stone