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- Over 2 million views on YouTube

- Eight-time Grammy nominee as performer, producer, songwriter and recording artist

- 22 albums including 12 solo releases and collaborative works with John Lee Hooker, Bela Fleck, Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt, Allen Toussaint, Linda Ronstadt, Sammy Hagar, Ray Manzarek, in addition to film soundtracks and commercials.

- Consistently delivering sizzling live performances at major music festivlals and venues around the globe including New Orleans Jazz Festival, Montreux (Switzerland), Byron Bay Blues Festival (Autralia), Pistoia (Italy), Notodden (Norway) and many others.

- Two PBS specials


“That’s not a slide on Roy Rogers’ pinky, it’s a time machine. With it, Rogers transports you to the Mississippi Delta’s past and future.” - Guitar Player

“He absolutely shredded that crowd [at New Orleans Jazz Fest].....and me too - the guy is frightening!” - Bonnie Raitt

“This is the album of a lifetime, the distillation of everything that has made Roy Rogers such an important blues artist over the years. The slide work is superb and the band rocks with white hot intensity. A masterpiece.” - John Swenson, Author, Rolling Stone, Elmore, Stereophile

“The guitar master is one of the greatest slide guitar players anywhere.” - San Francisco Chronicle

“Rogers again offers up a foot-stompin’ assortment of blues-tinged jams with his latest album, Into the Wild Blue.” - Charlie of City Sound, North Bay Bohemian

“Rogers turns in performances that are searing, soulful and spiritual by turns…" - The Washington Post

“Pundits who bemoan the scarcity of guitar gods haven’t laid ears on Roy Rogers, whose slide riffs could peel a crawfish” - USA Today

“One of the rare guitar heroes who values feeling over flash.” - Rolling Stone

"Sounds the way good bourbon tastes, smooth and with a kick.....” - Spin

“Many guitarists dabble in slide guitar, but the number of modern masters can probably be counted on one hand - Roy Rogers is surely one of them....” - Guitar Player


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