Roy Celebrates 25 Years of the Blues

"My first reaction was, 'Wow, he's white,'" the New Orleans native now called Gaynell Rogers remembers of that first sighting in 1980 when the Vallejo-reared slide guitarist was celebrating the release of his bluesy album with harmonica player David Burgin. "I'd heard the record on the radio, it was a great record, and when I saw Roy I thought, 'How is this guy playing guitar like that? He's not Southern, and he's not Afro-American.'" And he's not that Roy Rogers, although he was named after the singing cowboy to please his older brother Billy, a cowboy wannabe. This year Gaynell and Roy celebrate the 25th anniversary of that introduction, and the 21st of their marriage. It's a silver anniversary also for the Delta Rhythm Kings, the trio fronted by Roy and in significant part promoted and publicized by Gaynell."

Jeff Kaliss