Roy Rogers & Special Guests Perform Robert Johnson Songs
Tracy Nelson, Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas & Roy Rogers perform Robert Johnson Songs.
Manzarek-Rogers ready to give festivalgoers the blues
Ray Manzarek is one of the legends of rock 'n' roll, a member of its Hall of Fame as the keyboardist and founder of The Doors.

But while an admitted baseball follower, he's obviously not a die-hard fan of either the Los Angeles Dodgers — The Doors' home team — or of the San Francisco Giants — Manzarek's home team as a longtime Napa resident.

How do we know this? Check out his answer to this question.
Roy Rogers tops a strong five-concert lineup at this year's Sunday Blues in the Park in Seaside
You really know that summer has arrived on the Monterey Peninsula when the start of the annual "Sunday Blues" concerts is announced. Consider yourself informed. Get out your sun block and dancing shoes. Hallelujah, it's summer!

In a phone interview from his home in Nevada City, blues slide guitarist extraordinaire and two-time Grammy-winning producer Roy Rogers talked with GO! magazine about many wide-ranging topics, including the recent release of a new recording project with keyboardist Ray Manzarek, formerly of The Doors, titled "Translucent Blues."

"We've been doing duet things," Rogers said of his musical relationship with Manzarek. "Ray and I have known each other for five or six years. This album emanated from the duet gigs we were doing. We did a record as a duet called 'Ballads Before the Rain' before this. But this ('Translucent Blues') is a full-blown rocker, as you can hear. We really had a lot of fun doing this. It's a great story. It just came together so seamlessly. We had just come back from an East Coast tour, which was very, very well received. So I'm delighted. We've been playing New York and Boston, major places, and I'm happy to say people are responding greatly to the record."
‘Rebel’ Rod’s Reviews – Ray Manzarek/Roy Rogers – Translucent Blues
Co-founder of The Doors, Ray Manzarek and slide-guitarist extraordinaire Roy Rogers have collaborated on projects before and have been very successful at it. However, with their latest project, “Translucent Blues”, they have exceeded their past endeavors and set the proverbial bar at a new height. I literally fell in love with every single tune on the record.

I always knew that Mr. Manzarek had a distinct style as a keyboardist, but I guess I just never realized how distinct until listening to “Translucent Blues”. His piano/keyboard playing stands out and adds an entire extra layer to nearly each song. Mr. Roger’s slide-guitar is appropriately layered in, creating a sound that goes beyond blues or rock. It is unique and refreshing all the way through. [Read More...]
New CD from Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers to be released in May!
Roy Rogers added, "This collaboration with Ray was a joy from start to finish.
We found inspiration not only from the music and lyrics, but most of all from
each other--to create a great sound. To me, the blues is as complex a music
as it gets--either you feel it or you don't. But when you add the spice of some
of these lyrics, it definitely takes you on a different route. Take a ride with us." [Read More...]
Roy Rogers: Sliding into new musical territories
One of the world's foremost slide guitarists, Roy Rogers, grew up in the Bay Area. As a musician, at 60, he's still growing. After all, in blues circles, 60 means you're still just a kid.

"There's always lots to discover, in anything, especially the blues," Rogers told The Daily News. "Roots music is as deep as you want to delve. It's a never-ending story. It's never a finite thing that you've accomplished. If you think you have, you're sadly mistaken ... or fooling yourself, one of the two. There's always something that you can learn. If you think you've done it all and you're there, then you might as well give it up."

Far from giving it up, Rogers looks forward to playing Redwood City's Club Fox on Saturday. He'll be backed by his band, The Delta Rhythm Kings.
Rogers, Manzarek team up at Napa Opera House
One worked with the legendary blues player John Lee Hooker, the other with rock icon Jim Morrison.

While Hooker and Morrison never managed to record together, at least Roy Rogers and Ray Manzarek have. The two musicians with local ties and impressive credentials take the stage together Oct. 23 at the Napa Valley Opera House.

Rogers, the 51-year-old slide guitar wizard with Vallejo roots, and Manzarek, Chicago-bred keyboardist for The Doors, realized about four years ago their styles and mutual appreciation works well on stage and in studio, where they follow "Ballads Before the Rain" with the upcoming release of "Translucent Blues."

"It's a common sharing of intellectual curiosity," said Manzarek of the duo's chemistry. "And what a slide player Roy is. One of the best players around."

Manzarek met Rogers via an introduction by the booking agent who works with both performers.

"He said, 'Why don't you guys get together and play some tunes,'" remembered Manzarek. "And it's worked out fine."

Manzarek, enjoying some of his wife's homemade apple pie early Wednesday morning from their Napa home, said the opera house audience can expect some blues, a "little bit of classical," a little bit of jazz and some Doors songs.

"And, in between, we will tell stories," Manzarek said, laughing that though his brain has "millions of stories" in the files, "they're not all readily recallable. They're piled on top of each other."

He easily recalls those fishing days with his dad in Lake Michigan, his years at De Paul University and then at UCLA where he enrolled in 1960.

"By the time you reach 70, you know how many memories you have in your brain?" Manzarek said.

Fortunately, he has no problems playing and sharing some of the "colorful" tales of Morrison, who died at ...'

[Read More...]
Roy Rogers & Special Guests Perform Robert Johnson Songs
Tracy Nelson, Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas & Roy Rogers perform Robert Johnson Songs.
Roy Rogers & Special Guests Perform Robert Johnson Songs
Tracy Nelson, Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas & Roy Rogers perform Robert Johnson Songs.
Roy Rogers & Special Guests Perform Robert Johnson Songs
Tracy Nelson, Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas & Roy Rogers perform Robert Johnson Songs.